Shank Vintage Brown by ACNE

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So here goes another reason to love Sweden even more. Clog-ish looking raw edged leather lace up booties by ACNE. Comes both in brown and black. Anyone willing to donate 480 euros to my wellbeing and happiness?

And is it only me or Swedes are very into clogs in general. If we keep in mind the cult shoe label Swedish Hasbeens ?  Always thought clogs were more of a dutch thing..


Oh Milan Milan…

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Just a photo I came across on The Sartorialist a while ago. Wowz. Viviana Volpicella, the assistant fashion editor at Vogue Nippon, must love GRAND entrances. Do not get me wrong, a very nice pair of pjs. Though not quite sure if that’s exactly what Christian Dior meant by ‘innerwear as outwear’.  

Jean-Paul Gaultier Haute Couture s/s 2011 @ Paris Fashion Week

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It makes me feel as if Sex Pistols has just paid a visit to the Moulin Rouge. Plus featuring the androgynous male model Andrej Pejic as his bride in a mohawk and  a semi-sheer gown, mr. Jean-Paul has pretty much rocked it.

Gee..  who would have though that I’ll be hoping to looks as much of a bombshell as a male model on my wedding day.

Boys of Paris & Milan

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Fashion week backstage in Paris and Milan. In collaboration with Jak & Jil Blog. Directed by Justin Wu.

Someone pass me a Coke and some popcorn!

Andrej Pejic

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Andrej Pejic Storm models new faces 1 Andrej Pejic

Andrej Pejic, the new Jean Paul Gaultier’s, Paul Smith’s and Marc Jacob’s darling.  This is just so unfair to be a man and THAT pretty. Give me your looks!

Prada s/s 2011: plateau oxfords anyone?

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