What Katie did

April 29, 2011 § 1 Comment

Got married. That’s for sure (one would need to live in the Amazon jungle not to know that). But what else Katie did?

Well….  copycatted Grace Kelly’s wedding gown, I’ll give you that!  Ok ok…  maybe more like got inspired by it.

In any case, even if this Sarah Burton’s for Alexander McQueen masterpiece makes me feel like robbing a bank just to buy a copy of the dress (one hell of an investment I say!), there’s still only one Kate in London!


Just at another manic monday at the Champs-Élysées

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What is this? Are they handing Ben&Jerry’s for free? Or is it an exclusive one day exhibition of Rene Magritte? Oh wait! No!

People are queueing to check out some Louis Vuitton bags! Well the first thing that comes to my head is “go to Chinatown” “get a life, people”, but ey…. I might go and queue too. Just to pay my respects to the brand that baby-jesus-knows-how can still pull of being exclusive!

Leave Gaga Alone

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Wow. I had to. Such a hot mess. At least she hasn’t shaved her hair and become male walrus sized?

Won Hundred platform shoes

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I am in love with these Won Hundred platform shoes.. as in LOVE.

215 euros versus a heartbreak?

Snake skin print

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Being twenty something comes with a lot of responsibilities. For the matter of fact, you can”t really rock up at work with ripped hotpants and a tee saying born to be wild, when people are showing up in nicely tailored suits (isn’t that what they call peer pressure?).

This brings us to the believe I have, that there should be a certain age limit for women wearing business suits (just like there’s one for alcohol). Well at least I don’t feel emotionally ready for it yet: I’m still a lot jeans-and-feather-earings in my head. So while looking for some alternatives I came across this dress at Zara. I know I know snake skin print is not exactly very corporate, but hey..showing up at work looking as if I have just reincarnated into a massive anaconda could be pretty fun (who’s the freak at the office now)!


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Gimme some Peter Björn & John

April 13, 2011 § 2 Comments

So this weekend I went to see a Swedish indie trio Peter Bjorn and John at Point Ephemere, which is a concert venue in Paris with some serious Brooklyn vibe going on. Like a big fat Thanksgiving turkey, it was stuffed with Parisian hipsters trying to refrain from ordering a classy glass of wine (which is basically running through their veins, I promise) and instead going for a  disposable plastic glass of beer (just because that’s what everyone does at indie music festivals, thus it’s very rock&roll).

The concert itself was surprising in many ways. First of all, after years of thinking that Björn was a drummer and John was a bass player, I came to learn that it was the other way around. Just a little blond moment I said, but as some people pointed out it’s more like 5 years of blondness, ever since Writer’s Block came out. F- for me and detention after school! But so A+ and all cheerleaders on a silver platter for the boys. So much more of rockstars than I expected them to be, with this too-cool-for-school-let’s-go-surfing attitude, they pretty much rocked my world. Let me draw you a picture here: Peter jumping from the stage to play some blues-ish tunes with his harmonica amongst the crowd, stuffed with girls wondering why the heck did they have to come with their significant others, when Peter is one step away and marrying a musician has never been so close (I swear I had images of John pushing OUR baby’s pram).

But not to get carried away from the superficial nature of this blog, there are just a couple more things worth mentioning. Björn must have been looking for some fashion inspiration during friday movie nights, because his outfit disturbingly enough resembled the killer‘s from No Country for Old Men. John rocked up in some good old Scandinavians beloved suspenders. And last but not least, Peter was swapping his outfits from gingham shirts to sailor outfits as he was Lady Gaga herself.

Three thumbs up!

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