Julija Steponaviciute and her shoes

May 24, 2011 § 1 Comment

Swedes may be proud of their liberalism, North Americans may be proud of their soldiers in Afghanistan, but I  all I am proud of are Lithuanian women making it to Victoria’s Secret’s models.

This makes me think of possibly the happiest day of my life – the day I met a real celeb (well if we forget the time when my friends and I were asking out Zach Condon from Beirut for some drinks in Amsterdam or that other time when I saw Brandon from Beverly Hills 90210 at Universal Studios in Orlando looking disturbingly old).  So listen up, because it’s going to be a biggie: Julija Staponaviciute handed me her shoe backstage at Mados Infekcija 2011 so that I could lift it and check how much it weights. Jealous? You should. I felt as happy as a kid on Christmas (or for a matter of fact as a gay guy during Eurovision). The proof that it actually happened is above,  though I am very sorry about the photo quolity – Blackberries seem to work way better on Gossip Girl.

Julija is curently ranked #36 model in the world. Guess that’s what happens when you book a Gucci show at the age of 14, shoot a Vogue Italia editorial and walk for Calvin Klein and Marc Jacobs a year later.

And just to wrap up, I absolutely love this photo of Julija looking hip in Paris with her Celine bag, which no doubt is worth more than a monthly salary of her math teacher. When I was her age my parents used to buy me Haglöfs backpacks and colour pencils. Can’t believe you guys.


The Tale of a Fairy by Karl Lagerfeld

May 13, 2011 § Leave a comment

Just in case you have spare 25 minutes and feel like some Karl, you can watch this short movie created by mr Karl himself showcasing his Cruise Collection 2011 for Chanel. This makes me feel like :

a.)  a pair of new sunglasses

b.) a godson

Acne Studios or How To Spend Money You Dont Have

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Meet my new love from Acne Studios. And no, it’s not a T-shirt, but a legitimate dress. A pretty short one.

For my own defence, short dresses have a miraculous ability to bring happiness to russian caucasian girls and their daddies (sugar or otherwise). Thus given my ethnical background and being a neighbouring country’s native, my actions are very easily explained.

Unfortunately my sugar daddy’s position is still open (send me your CV and a  cover letter to apply). This means that I have to deal with certain consequences that come along with treating myself a little Acne something. Hello tap water and bread for the next two weeks, can’t afford any jam. Well at least I will look skinny as hell?

And the Oscar goes to sadness

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Is it an overstatement to say that we all have our Oscar speeches prepared?  You know… just in case. Well the swedish hunk Stellan Skarsgård should go through it once again before going to bed, because he might as well just win it.  I know what you all are thinking , it’s for his role as Meryl Streep’s sweetheart in Mamma Mia!  But  surprise  –  the answer is no ( hard to believe, right?!). It is for playing Lykke Li’s father in “Sadness is a blessing”.

And hello my dream dress. The open back and flows of draping by the Swedish designer Anna-Sara Dåvik.  Obviously that’s what happens when you get your  MA at  Central Saint Martins.

This is so beautiful, it breaks my heart.

 Backstage pictures via Tekla Knaust.

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