June 15, 2011 § Leave a comment

Today I am having shoes for lunch.  Scroll down to see what’s on the menu.

Om nom nom! Espadrilles! To be honest I do not have a single clue what French Soule is for a brand, might as well be pretty/very lame, but it says that they are handmade in France and their Logo looks like Peugeot’s (or Czeck Republic’s?) . My other espadrilles are in Paris, and I’m not there for another 8 days, so as you all can imagine it was rather a live-or-die situation.

And here goes treat #2: I felt emotionally ready for ANOTHER pair of Melissas. This time balerina flats that supposedly evokes a graphically colourfol Amazon forest. I actually might need a couple more beers for that to happen…

And yes. Shamefully enough I am one of THOSE girls.  THOSE who start wearing shoes 2 minutes after walking out of the store.  Even if that means wearing two pairs of shoes at the same time. Screw Less is More, that does not exist in Eastern Europe! More is so MORE!


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