What’s in my bag?

July 25, 2011 § Leave a comment

 Blackberry: Clear impact of Gossip Girl.

ACNE credit card holder: Clear impact of  Eric Northman  (a.k.a. I crave for anything that’s Swedish).

Ray-Bans: I was always secretly hoping to become Janis Joplin.

– Chewing Gum: Because that’s what cool kids buy.

Sisley lipsticks: Double the trouble, I am big sucker for these.

Estée Lauder Brush-on Illuminator for damage control after having some pre-dinner Long Island ice-tea.

-Chanel powder blush, shade 13 Candy: I was hungry when I bought it.

Cherry ChapStick+ Burt’s Bees rhubarb lip shimer+ The Body Shop mango lip butter (and all three together at the same time to get the famous Donatella Versace lip effect).

– Keys to my boytoy’s apartment in Paris. Score.

– A mini perfume bottle of Calvin Klein’s Eternity. Very convenient , if we forget the fact that bouncers constantly take it for a gin miniature. Chill dudes, no tonic involved and I am not a walking mini bar, at least not most of the time.


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