ACNE vs. Top Shop

July 30, 2011 § 2 Comments

I have been drooling over these ACNE babies for months now. To the extent that I found myself deliberating if I should go to the ER and ask for a drip, as I was excessively loosing body fluids (ok ok, maybe to check out residents too..).

In any case, I am officially forbidden to spend money before my holidays, since I might as well end up drinking Budweiser and sleeping in a sub with no cash for a hotel room (or as a matter of fact for another Budweiser). Shoes coming with a price tag of 500 euros most certainly will not help.

However, it seems that Baby Jesus heard my prayers for more shoes and sent some rays of hope down to earth to make my sinful soul happy. Acne wannabees at Top Shop for one fifth of the price.  Who’s the bargain queen now?


§ 2 Responses to ACNE vs. Top Shop

  • Injorfeis says:

    It takes an imbecile to give shoes a name ACNE, but it takes you to even consider them buying. If you’re looking for ACNE I have few on my cheeks. Lower ones. Peace y’all.

    • Danutė says:

      Hi there! Many thanks for your comment. ACNE (stands for Ambition to Create Novel Expression) is actually is a Stockholm-based fashion label, that started out as an advertising agency. So it’s not just a “shoe name” 🙂 For you own culture and not to be an imbecile you can always check
      Love and peace xx

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