Wasabi, Unagi and Shiseido

October 26, 2011 § Leave a comment

I ended up wandering around Japan for the last two weeks.

That being said, I was officially forbidden to go shopping.  My usual partner in crime is not one hell of a partner in crime when it comes to sweeping stores. He tried augmenting by “Come on, we are in Tokyo. You are not going to go shopping” and all I could think of was that Tokyo and shopping goes together as french fries and mayo Spice Girls and platform shoes.

Thus I ended up strolling around fish markets in my Acne dress desperately looking for Shiseido in the hood.

“Oh look!! Is that Rag&Bone on the corner?! Who (a.k.a Google Maps 20 minutes beforehand ) would have thought that they have a store right around here?! “


London Calling

October 9, 2011 § Leave a comment

I spent quite some time in London last month.

Fish & Chips, bulldogs, Strongbow and TOPSHOP. That’s what kind of stuff that goes down in town.

And just because I have been obsessing over grey for the last couple of months (as in “I do not know which cardigan to wear today… battleship gray, ash gray or cadet gray”), I felt ready for this fluffy knitted jumper. Sort of a lovechild of Blair Waldorf  and a drag-queen-from-the-80’s (hence the colour).

Please mind how skilfully I took a photo of it: as if I actually had a view from my hotel room. It’s all about the right angles, peeps.

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