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I have my International Marketing exam today, therefore I am waiting for sugar to kick in and make me smarter.

Value innovation management WHAT?


Can I rock it?

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So I know that my french beau has been getting a lot of attention here lately. I figured that he is fed on attention anyway – that’s fine.

But oh trouble. Apparently the frenchie isn’t really Mr Happy Pants when it comes to me referring to him as a “boytoy“.  I have a feeling that I might have touched a very sensitive topic here – a western guy dating a gold-digger from a Post-Soviet country anyone?

What else I am with him for if not  financial guarantees, better life for my communists family and a couple of leopard print coats with black mink fur collar? Spot on.

Anyways, now he is threatening to buy me a burqa. I kid you not.

I did some desk reasearch on my end and some of these are pretty fancy. I could so rock baby blue. Marylin Monroe MUCH?

Into The Wild (with white duck down duvets)

November 21, 2011 § 1 Comment

I honestly would love to go supertramping and living in the Alaskian wilderness one day.. foraging for edible roots, hunting bunnies and bambies, camping in a derelict bus or like.. whatever else you do when you are in the wild?

On another hand.. I’m not sure if I would ever have the guts to survive without a mascara for a month? Or that CLINIQUE chubby stick lip balm (05 Chunky Cherry)? or baby-jesus-forbid greek yogurt with granola? I would need to go around mountains looking for wild cows to milk. And even though there’s great chance that those cows will be skinny, hence I reckon produce low-fat milk (?), my manicurists wouldn’t be too happy.

Kidos.  Huettenpalast (whatever-you-pronounce-it) in Berlin. That’s what I’m talking about. So into the wild – just with croissants,  no mosquitos and white duck down duvets.

Detox just to Retox

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Diet might start on Monday, but well for DETOX it has to be Sunday. Just sayin’.

Kim Jong-il looking at … the road to heaven?

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So you must have heard by now that mr Kim Jong-il , the North Korean leader, passed away last night. And while South Korea puts its military on alert, boosting surveillance along the 155-mile border, one of the world’s most heavily armed frontiers, to detect any unusual signs from the North Korean military, I can not stop thinking about the future of Kim Jong-il looking at things. Boots, X-ray, Doner Kebab, soft drinks, frozen veggies. Blink blink.

I do not now who’s the genius behind the blog, but as Kim Jong-il has pretty much stopped looking at things, he/she better be shifting focus somewhere else.

Kim Jong-Un plastic surgeries anyone?

Spotted: Lonely boy on Jubilee line

November 17, 2011 § Leave a comment

I think http://tubecrush.net is the exact reason why I am over the top excited about moving to London this January. Spotted a lonely boy on the tube? Snap Snap for the entire world to see.

And pheww, it’s kind of comforting to know that I’m not the only female with raging hormones.

Via Pagalmus.

ACNE Uniform Dress

November 15, 2011 § Leave a comment

Ok. So my boy-toy went all sugar-daddish after months of me hinting and got me an ACNE dress. Happy two years!!

As peachy as it sounds, it brought a serious dilemma into my life : who do I love more – THE boy-toy or THE dress. Of course in the end I decided that all this stress is bad for my skin, and it doesn’t really matter as I can actually have them both. D’oh!

But then it all suddenly came together. So I know that the boy-toy fancies Pippa Middleton (eww, right?). And you see this ACNE delicate contrasting colored fabric covered button back neck closure?That is soooooo something Pippa would wear!!

Here goes a new dilemma into my life: who’s in a bigger trouble now – the boy-toy or Pippa.

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