Girl Crush on Stine Goya

February 13, 2012 § Leave a comment

Say hello to my new skimpy dress.  Skimpy as in gurl-you-better-don’t-be-reaching-for-a-jar-of –jam-on-a –top-shelf-wearing-that.

But what can I do -I have had a girl crush on Stine Goya fror a while now.  If she says its wearable – yes ma’am, I will wear it. Even though the flower print is very much a gothic edition of a carpet.


London Calling

February 11, 2012 § 1 Comment

Oh oh wowzter.   My sincere apologies for practically dumping my blog for the last one month. Just for the record there have been some dramatic changes in my life. Not THAT dramatic as if I was pregnant with one or multiple little droolers (phew) , but still. First off, I moved to London. According to Daily Mail trusted sources Kanye West is also apartment hunting in the city, so I am just following a hot trend here.

My life sort of morphed into the final sciene of Armageddon – or in other words it was a little on a hectic side.  Quite literally I spent days and nights stuck on flights, so you have to agree that stewardesses should also be held accountable for this fail to update the one and only Boots Call- those chicks forced me to keep all electronic devices switched off for hours.

But lets put this month of darkness behind and look forward to all those Peter Jensen’s cardigans and Chelsea boots to buy. So here it is, 4 manicures, 7 bottles of Pinot Grigio and 8 broken new years resolutuons later, Boots call back on track. Now broadcasting live from Paris, Vilnius aaaand London.

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