Broken Flowers

September 23, 2012 § Leave a comment

There’s this NYC based photographer called Jon Shireman, who dipped some flowers in a liquid nitrogen (chicken-wings-in-Cornell-barbecue-sauce kind of a dip) and then smashed them on a hard surface snapping photos with a high-speed camera.

I so know what I am doing next time I am getting a bouquet.


My next big investment

September 17, 2012 § Leave a comment

So you know how everyone went oh yeah it’s cool but who the heck would actually wear Google Glass?

And BAM!  Just like this. Being a female terminator has never before been that desirable.

It’s a little bit like geeks in high school. Everyone thinks they are.. well.. geeks, but also sort of  the ugly caste in human society. However then they graduate from Stanford, get a Jaguar, a spray tan & a Nobel prize (or something). Who’s every cheerleader’s dream now?  Extreme makeover, Nerd Edition.

In case you haven’t seen this, here goes a video of DVF Spring 2013 show at New York Fashion Week through the eyes of Diane von Furstenberg, models and stylists. All snapped with Google Glass.

18 USB sticks

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So today during my Marketing and Advertising Strategy class here in South Korea they were handing out free tampons.
I have to say I was thrilled.

I can now clearly relate to all happy Ugandians who get visited by white people Red Cross with all the medical aid. In the country where it’s practically impossible to find tampons in stores (and if you eventually succeed to, they cost 10 euros) getting FREE ones is a biggie. What a happy camper I was. Yupi! Vamos a la playa!

Tip for female budget travelers. Given that 10 euros for a pack of tampons is a major rip off, you may want to consider taking your birth control pill for breakfast, lunch and dinner for 6 months in row just to avoid your period. That is unless you are a pad chick or a Christian (a.k.a contraception is pure evil) or you want to be able to conceive at some stage in your life.

Disturbingly enough Korean tampons are called USB.

On the package it says USB, 18 sticks. I – kid – you – not.

First I though maybe it’s a code that Korean women use around men. Like…Hola chicas! Does anyone have a spare USB I could use?
But then it got me thinking. Maybe its stands for Uterus Severely Bleeds ? something way more disturbing..

Heyo. Easy Tiger. No need to gross out. Apparently it goes for U are So Beautiful. Those Koreans are very creative I must say.

Peace & Love.

It’s blue, it’s silver!

September 7, 2012 § Leave a comment


This is it. I have now officially moved to Asia. Reporting live from Seoul for the next half a year.

You may of course think that the first thing I had to do was go see Bukhansan National Park or Gyeongbokgung palace.
I say, do’h dude – I need a Korean manicure.
So the main rule here is your nail polish has to be as flashy as it can without you having to wear sunglasses when looking at your own hand.
My first manicure in Seoul. A little baby blue and silver can do no harm.
Speaking of Silver, does anyone know when they start the new season of 90210?

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