Fjällräven Kanken Forever and Ever

October 29, 2012 § Leave a comment

I used to have a Fjalraven Kanken back in my middle school which believe me was a tad longer ago than I would like to admit to myself.

But the thing is that Disney hasn’t lied about everything: real love actually lasts forever. It goes sort of the Mormons way – beyond “till death do us parts”  (me ruining by first Kanken by multiple and severe nail polish accidents) and extends to eternal life together.

Plus everyone in Seoul has one. Initially I though whatever peeps – I wear bags that still do not exit. But no matter how hard I tried I had to come back to my first pure Nordic love.

So here goes my new Kate Moss Kanken . Though I prefer to think of it as my middle school bag that suffered for the entire humankind and then resurrected in a perfect body. For the Eternity. To stroll with me around Hongdae (aka the Garden of Eden of Korean arty crowd).


50 Shades of Green, Blue and Grey

October 11, 2012 § Leave a comment

Another day, another Korean manicure. It’s just two shades (blueish grey and green), but lets all pretend that it’s 50. Sounds so much more sexual cooler.

Please excuse my inappropriately short skirt, but I got back to Korea from Philippines last night, therefore I am really into showing off my tan. In the country where sales of whitening body cream are skyrocketing, having a tan qualifies me as a major rebel.

Above you can also see my little Ebony Triwa watch. God bless Swedish goodies! If Triwa is cool enough for Lily (the ultimate Upper East Side) and Rufus (the father of all Brooklyn hipsters), it deffo works for me (marketing victim).

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