The highlights of the last couple of months

February 16, 2013 § Leave a comment


While I was lost in the South East Asian wilderness (see above),  the last couple of months proved to be oh-boy-so-intense in the global arena. So here goes the three most world-changing events (just in case you were lost in some wilderness as well).

1. In Europe, the pope announced his resignation.

This means that I can now freely and openly feed on birth control 24/7 without being condemned by the church. Not that this would matter anyway, as my parents pulled the hippie card on me, “forgot” to baptize me and basically raised me as an atheist brat with no religious values what so ever. Thanks Parents.


2. In Asia, North Korea launched yet another nuclear test and threatened to take actions against South Korea if they complied with the new UN sanctions.

As much as I will miss soldiers wearing BB cream, K-Pop and sneakers in neon colors, it was rather perfect timing for me to flee Seoul. At least I saved my mom a couple of sleepless nights (but then again, my gin & tonic adventures back in Europe may cause her even greater lack of sleep than missiles, so not sure if I actually did her a favor).

I am also feeling pretty fortunate that my 20 pages essay on how Unification, Peace and Love are coming to the Korean peninsula got graded before the whole Pyongyang’s nuke party in January.


3. In North America, Kanye impregnated Kim Kardashian.

Being a pop cultural anthropologist I find the two of them to be über fascinating overhyped famewhores, which I hear is actually a compliment in the US.

Plus I watched the episode of “Keeping up with the Kardashians” where Kanye bought Kim enough cloths to dress 10 generation of her ancestors in Armenia. Must be true love ❤ .



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