Post Asia Crisis

February 17, 2013 § Leave a comment


I do have to admit that traveling in South East Asia was one of the most profound and life-changing experiences I have ever had.

Mainly because I survived 5 weeks without a hairdryer, went trekking through a jungle barefoot and had to share my bathroom with like 20 people.

That being said, here goes some photos that I stole borrowed from George Lim, this kiwi guy with a massive camera that I met when traveling. I actually did not know that I could bend in such ways. Raging hormones when the sun goes down, anyone ?


But the life back in Europe is also not easy. I am officially experiencing a Post Asia Crisis.

I spent the first 5 days laying in my bed in a fetus position eating rice crackers and listening to Oasis’ Wonderwall on repeat. Which was a major bummer because my tan faded away without my friendenemies getting a chance to see it and get jealous.

I also spent hours and hours on Won Hundred’s website drooling over  S/S2013. Which was even a bigger bummer as rice crackers is as much as I can afford at the moment.

Now I am considering getting a spray tan (if my credit card doesn’t get declined), turning all the heaters on at home and watching YouTube videos of sea. In HD.


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