Anyone hiring?

May 28, 2013 § Leave a comment


My couple of weeks of holiday in Italy gave me enough time to think about the future (well you know, because during the last 6 months I was so occupied with drinking illegal rice whiskey coconut milk in Laos, surfing in Philippines and going to drag-queen shows in Montreal, that I did not have any time for that  at all).

I am graduating in a little less than a month from now, hence it seems sensible to start a proper job hunt. The fact that I am 25 and bought a soya milk Latte this morning on my dad’s Visa will not be socially acceptable for long. On the other hand all these social norms are so overrated, right?

Anyway, I believe my academic background (I’m talking universities in Europe, Asia and North America) and especially my Master’s degree makes me rather qualified for making photocopies. Or coffee. In case anyone is hiring?

I could also make playlists for the office?

Oh and in hopes of a promotion, I would play this one to my boss:


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