My Inner Sporty Spice

October 22, 2013 § 1 Comment


I have a recent fascination with trainers.  Oh Lord. Am I turning into a lesbian? Have I started looking like Justin Bieber yet?

Some friends of mine have a theory that it’s due to the fact I miss being Miss Popular 2012 my life in Seoul. Aaaaaand just so we are clear, there are more New Balance trainers in Korea than Samsung phones. Which is like really hard to beat.

The good sign is that I still love when all this Sporty-Spice-Trainers-Overload is matched with oversized structured coats.  Wait… oversized… Isnt that like really lesbian too?


Anyhow, I overheard peeps at work referring to me as  a ‘soccer mum’. Keep hoping that’s because of me looking all sassy in my New Balance trainers. And not because I actually look like a middle-class suburban who’s likely to be transporting a bunch of droolers to their sports events in a Renault Espace over a lunch break.


The biggest break-up of the decade

October 13, 2013 § Leave a comment


Marc Jacobs leaves Louis Vuitton.  Say whaaat?

It makes me question stuff like relationship, eternal love or marriage.

I don’t care if you are not into fashion. This is as big as the time when Britney and Justin broke up.

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