Smoking Kids

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Smoking kids by Frieke Janssens.

I’ve been told that when people bore me at parties I give them exactly the same look as the last babe. Love it!


Ed Banger banged my brains out

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Usually I am really not into giving any credit to frenchies. Baby Jesus knows they are full of themselves already. But sometimes even I go against my rules. So I do take my The Kooples wide-brimmed A/W 2012 hat to Ed Banger Records, a French electro music label run by Pedro WInter.

I have no idea how they do this, but they just can’t seem to get anything wrong. And these are 7 living proofs why:

1. Cassius – I Love U So

Houuuu. I love you so. But why I love you I never knowww.

Makes me want  to get a leather jacket, a gap between my teeth and a silver lipstick.

Photo on 2-28-13 at 4.59 PM

2. SebastiAn – Embody

Apparently, Daft Punk said SebastiAn delivered the best remix they ever had for “Human after all”. Geniusssss.

Plus, I’m pretty sure that adoption rates in Africa must have skyrocketed after this video got released. Should-get-nominated-for-some-humankind-saving-award-MUCH?

3. Kavinsky- Nightcall

Featured on the Original Soundtrack of “Drive”. Starring Ryan Gosling.

“I’m giving you a night call to tell you how I feel. I want to drive you through the night, down the hills”

Oh god. I think I’ve just died inside. Multiple times.

4. Justice – Dance


5. Uffie- Difficult

Miss Voice of Justice’s The Party is having way too perfect hair day.

6. Breakbot- Baby I’m Yours feat. Irfane

Usually I am pretty modest when it comes colors. I’m talking, beige is as exotic as it gets when I think outside the black&white box. Sometimes navy blue and ash grey, but just for the loco days.

I know some peeps would argue with this given my pretty extreme nail polish choices, but still, I think I am the stage in my life where I can comfortably say that I hate colors (#hatersgonnahate).

But the video. I want my wedding day to look like this. So in love with the whole watercolor painting thing going on ( they say aquarelle in french, way more sexy).

7. Breakbot- One Out Of Two feat Irfane

Most of the times I don’t like french chicks. Because they all are tiny, dark and beautifully mysterious. Biatches.  Someone’s really  being a hater today.

BUT  after watching this video even I suddenly feel like having a girlfriend.


It’s Ed Banger’s 10 years anniversary party in Paris in 3 days with, get this, ALL artists under the label performing.Which I am of course here for.

I think I am looking forward to this day way more than to the day my first kid will be born. Tell me about the need to grow up?

Also, tell me what to wear.


Broken Flowers

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There’s this NYC based photographer called Jon Shireman, who dipped some flowers in a liquid nitrogen (chicken-wings-in-Cornell-barbecue-sauce kind of a dip) and then smashed them on a hard surface snapping photos with a high-speed camera.

I so know what I am doing next time I am getting a bouquet.


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Gimme some Peter Björn & John

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So this weekend I went to see a Swedish indie trio Peter Bjorn and John at Point Ephemere, which is a concert venue in Paris with some serious Brooklyn vibe going on. Like a big fat Thanksgiving turkey, it was stuffed with Parisian hipsters trying to refrain from ordering a classy glass of wine (which is basically running through their veins, I promise) and instead going for a  disposable plastic glass of beer (just because that’s what everyone does at indie music festivals, thus it’s very rock&roll).

The concert itself was surprising in many ways. First of all, after years of thinking that Björn was a drummer and John was a bass player, I came to learn that it was the other way around. Just a little blond moment I said, but as some people pointed out it’s more like 5 years of blondness, ever since Writer’s Block came out. F- for me and detention after school! But so A+ and all cheerleaders on a silver platter for the boys. So much more of rockstars than I expected them to be, with this too-cool-for-school-let’s-go-surfing attitude, they pretty much rocked my world. Let me draw you a picture here: Peter jumping from the stage to play some blues-ish tunes with his harmonica amongst the crowd, stuffed with girls wondering why the heck did they have to come with their significant others, when Peter is one step away and marrying a musician has never been so close (I swear I had images of John pushing OUR baby’s pram).

But not to get carried away from the superficial nature of this blog, there are just a couple more things worth mentioning. Björn must have been looking for some fashion inspiration during friday movie nights, because his outfit disturbingly enough resembled the killer‘s from No Country for Old Men. John rocked up in some good old Scandinavians beloved suspenders. And last but not least, Peter was swapping his outfits from gingham shirts to sailor outfits as he was Lady Gaga herself.

Three thumbs up!

You get treated nicer if you’re well dressed

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That’s what all the youngsters from the 60s have turned into. I swear it’s so me in 30 years ❤ .

Irina Werning: back to the future

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I’ve been meaning to post this for a while already.  So Yuppi Yey Yey for me for  finally gathering myself together to do it. Yes we can, as Mr. Obama would say.

A-freakin-mazing photographer from Buenos Aires, Irina Werning, goes all wild with the “Back to the future” idea.  Awesome, I know. Check for more on her website.

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