When people at work see my interpretation of business formal attire

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My Inner Sporty Spice

October 22, 2013 § 1 Comment


I have a recent fascination with trainers.  Oh Lord. Am I turning into a lesbian? Have I started looking like Justin Bieber yet?

Some friends of mine have a theory that it’s due to the fact I miss being Miss Popular 2012 my life in Seoul. Aaaaaand just so we are clear, there are more New Balance trainers in Korea than Samsung phones. Which is like really hard to beat.

The good sign is that I still love when all this Sporty-Spice-Trainers-Overload is matched with oversized structured coats.  Wait… oversized… Isnt that like really lesbian too?


Anyhow, I overheard peeps at work referring to me as  a ‘soccer mum’. Keep hoping that’s because of me looking all sassy in my New Balance trainers. And not because I actually look like a middle-class suburban who’s likely to be transporting a bunch of droolers to their sports events in a Renault Espace over a lunch break.

The biggest break-up of the decade

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Marc Jacobs leaves Louis Vuitton.  Say whaaat?

It makes me question stuff like relationship, eternal love or marriage.

I don’t care if you are not into fashion. This is as big as the time when Britney and Justin broke up.

Ba de ya. Dancing in September

August 26, 2013 § 1 Comment


Apparently September is the month when everyone I know is getting married. Our hearts were ringing in the key that our souls were singing. Ba de yaaa. That sort of stuff, you know.

While to some this means celebration of love or building a family or a lifelong commitment (how is this a positive thing once again?), I’m just thinking, oh man, what a fab excuse to buy new dress.

So typically putting on something that resembles a tent is not sexy, but I kind of feel that this Won Hundred dress is the tent I have been search for.


Though my mum thinks it’s too casual. Excuse me?

How can one rock up looking like a python and be casual about that.

Plus a python reflects my personality rather well.

Hooray to Gay

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My activities of this weekend included drooling over Minimarket shoes that an unemployed grad no way could ever afford, drinking Mimosas (to make this can’t-afford pain go away) and hitting the Baltic Pride in Vilnius (see above).

So in general I have some sort of an emotional peanut allergy to intolerance and people supporting all this anti-gay nonsense.  My own sexual adventures make me feel like a Parisian flapper circa the roaring 20s, hense I am not really in a position to judge anyone here.

But the thing that struck me the most during the Pride was that all the cool dressed people were waving rainbow flags, whereas people rocking sandals with socks just wouldn’t shut up about how sinful homosexual relationships are (which by the way is a completely stupid argument, because if you don’t sin, Jesus died for nothing, ey).

I am thinking of putting all these longs hours spent cracking SPSS in practice and finding a statistical correlation between one’s sense of style and social liberalism. There must be one, right?  Why else I would be crushing over every single overly metrosexual looking my way. 

Sweet Baby Yeezus

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Considering that Kim Kardashian went into labour within hours of Kanye’s Yeezus leaking, I am pretty positive that their baby girl is in fact the messiah (also, will most likely grow up to be the queen of dirty talking).

So as part of celebrations, I went out this Saturday dressed as a rapper.  Which is a really bad move if you want men to buy you drinks. Really should have gone for overhyped-Essex-girl-from-Armenia Kim’s look instead.

Anyone hiring?

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My couple of weeks of holiday in Italy gave me enough time to think about the future (well you know, because during the last 6 months I was so occupied with drinking illegal rice whiskey coconut milk in Laos, surfing in Philippines and going to drag-queen shows in Montreal, that I did not have any time for that  at all).

I am graduating in a little less than a month from now, hence it seems sensible to start a proper job hunt. The fact that I am 25 and bought a soya milk Latte this morning on my dad’s Visa will not be socially acceptable for long. On the other hand all these social norms are so overrated, right?

Anyway, I believe my academic background (I’m talking universities in Europe, Asia and North America) and especially my Master’s degree makes me rather qualified for making photocopies. Or coffee. In case anyone is hiring?

I could also make playlists for the office?

Oh and in hopes of a promotion, I would play this one to my boss:

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