Ba de ya. Dancing in September

August 26, 2013 § 1 Comment


Apparently September is the month when everyone I know is getting married. Our hearts were ringing in the key that our souls were singing. Ba de yaaa. That sort of stuff, you know.

While to some this means celebration of love or building a family or a lifelong commitment (how is this a positive thing once again?), I’m just thinking, oh man, what a fab excuse to buy new dress.

So typically putting on something that resembles a tent is not sexy, but I kind of feel that this Won Hundred dress is the tent I have been search for.


Though my mum thinks it’s too casual. Excuse me?

How can one rock up looking like a python and be casual about that.

Plus a python reflects my personality rather well.



May 29, 2013 § Leave a comment


I need a new bag.

Maybe two. Maybe freakin’ five hundred.

And only from Chiyome.

COS S/S 2013 vs Tank Tops

March 6, 2013 § 1 Comment


Me crushing over COS as usual. Is it spring yet?

I sort of feel like I made the biggest mistake of my life by wearing one of those ridiculous hot hippie couture flower print baggy pants for 6 weeks straight in South East Asia. You know the ones all backpackers wear? Oh man, what was I thinking.

Can’t even show people photos of my travels now. These Hippie Backpacker Pants really made me look like I was giving away free hugs or worse… was one step away from getting dreadlocks.  Just sayin’. Veni, Vidi, Failed. Way too embarrassing.  Even more embarrassing than the time I deleted all contact details on my phone of this guy I was in love with not to drunk text him (to say the least), but then called some information hotline at 3 am to get the number back. 

BUT NOW I feel like I have to pay my dues to society and wear nothing but tailored COS pants and buttoned up shirts (got the baby blue one above already).


In my defense, I did try to pull off a buttoned up shirt in the glam of Khao San Road (see here), but some guy told me that I looked like Harry Potter. Not that a guy wearing an Ed Hardy T-shirt was in a position to judge anyway, but I guess he had a point. I wasn’t exactly blending in.

It’s also worth mentioning, that I still feel pretty heavily traumatized by the amount of guys in tank tops I had seen during my Asia travels. I’m talking, as in ‘having-nightmares’ traumatized.

Rule number one, boys do not wear tank tops. Rule number two, boys DO NOT wear tank tops even if it’s like plus +62C outside. No way, Jose. Unless you are Magic Mike starring in a soft porn movie. But that’s like borderline, my friend. Rule number three, boys shop at COS and wear cashmere sweaters with pleated shirts. Grrr.

But then again. Maybe it’s just me alone that is pathologically allergic to boys in tank tops. For instance, I came across this man-cookie, totalz eatable. Would be eatable even in a tutu. But would look so much better in a white tight T-shirt, no?


What do YOU think?

Low Classic

December 11, 2012 § Leave a comment

Screen Shot 2012-12-11 at 4.01.36 PMLow Classic is my newly discovered lover. I want to chain myself to it’s clothing rack and stay there forever. So fab! It’s a brand created by 3 Korean chicks freshly out of college and oh man… they are kicking ass hardcore with their Seoul inspired designs.
Screen Shot 2012-12-11 at 4.07.11 PMScreen Shot 2012-12-11 at 4.06.38 PMScreen Shot 2012-12-11 at 4.04.20 PMI really hope that there are still some guys on the planet earth who dig the whole female-construction-worker look, because this playsuit bellow is SO on my to-buy list. Screen Shot 2012-12-11 at 4.00.16 PM

Bling Bling

June 5, 2012 § Leave a comment

Oh man. Stine Goya Miracle Sneakers.

That’s like Krusty the Clown goes to Tiffany’s for an upgrade.

Me in a primary school (dots and all that) discovering my inner Eastern European (bling bling).

I so have to get these. After all they say that gold is a good investment. Hedge against inflation or something?

Saco De Papel

December 23, 2011 § 1 Comment

Last week I had trouble sleeping so I was counting shoes. Obviously. And even though it usually does the magic for me, it just did not last time. Oopsy daisy… I ended up browsing for handbags. So here it is, 6 days and 1 credit card swipe later,  SACO DE PAPEL on my desk. 

Now I simply have to refrain from shoving that chicken sandwich with mayo into my paper lambskin bag and use it for more charming and girl appropriate things like cocoa butter lipsticks,  perfume samples or lollipops. Ocasional granola bars, just so the bag doesn’t loose it’s lunch like spirit.

P.S. You can check out more ANVE’s goodie bags here.  To be honest I uber crave for the mint-colored one, so for my bank account’s sake let’s all hope that my seldom trouble sleeping does not progress into chronic insomnia. 

Meet BOBster

December 7, 2011 § Leave a comment

“This is Bob. Bob loves sniffing around, walking, not listening and stealing sandwiches from the kitchen sink. But most of all Bob loves sleeping. All curled up on top of his owners’ warm and soft duvet. If it were up to him, he’d lie there all day. And all night for that matter”.

Where do I slide my credit card?

Via Snurk.

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